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The Adventures of Dan Aiki (ADA) 1-10 - is a series of ten didactic adventure poems about Dan Aiki, a courageous African youth who overcomes many obstacles (both natural and supernatural) on his way to becoming a legend. The stories are especially written for children, but people of all ages will find them both enjoyable and instructive.

1. ADA. Book I: [$2.50] - includes the prophecy as well as an introduction to the series. Here, Dan Aiki (age 8) is chased away in his daydreams by a piece of cloth, a baby, and a dog and his father scolds him for being cowardly. A real lion comes and Dan Aiki chases it away using the same tactics that his daydream adversaries used to frighten him. The lesson learned here is:

There's a moral to this story,

Remember it until you die!

It's not the size of the guy in the fight,

It's the size of the fight in the guy.

2 . ADA Book II: Dan Aiki Goes Hunting [$2.50] - Dan Aiki (age 9) is sent to kill a deer and meets three strangers on the road: a warrior, a poor man, and a beautiful maiden. The lesson learned here is:

Give great consideration

Before hooking up with strangers!

Though they may claim to be of help,

That help is fraught with dangers.

3. ADA Book III: Dan Aiki's Magic Charm [$2.50] - Dan Aiki (now 10) is taught the arts of man and beast for one year in the forest, at the end of which he is given a magic charm. Here the lesson learned is:

Discipline is dear to men

And bravado is cheap.

And as every farmer knows,

What you sow, you'll reap.

4. ADA Book IV: Dan Aiki Meets Duna the Sorcerer - [$2.50] Dan Aiki (age 12) engages in a battle with a sorcerer. The lesson learned here is:

The moral of this story

Is very plain to see:

He who has the quickest wit,

Will win the victory.

5. ADA Book V: Dan Aiki Kills a Tunku [$2.50] - Dan Aiki (age 13) kills a tunku (a mongoose-like shape-changing creature) without observing traditional rites. The lesson here is:

There's a moral to this story:

Before you act, think twice!

For if you ever break the law,

You'll have to pay the price. 


Books VI - X constitute the post-puberty continuation of the Adventures of Dan Aiki series. Note that (unlike Books I - V intended for children) these volumes contain a great deal of violence and some elements of sex and reader's discretion is advised.

6. ADA Book VI: Dan Aiki Seeks a Wife [$2.50] - In his quest for a girlfriend, Dan Aiki (age 14) must defeat his sweetheart's mother (Queen Gutsun Goma, the lady with 10 vaginas) in battle. The moral here is:

If you are searching for something,

Be steadfast and stick to your route.

Perseverance will overcome hardship

And most likely bare precious fruit.

7. ADA VII: Dan Aiki's Marriage [$2.50] - Here Dan Aiki spends four years seeking the bride-wealth to satisfy requirements for marriage. The lesson learned here is:

In this earthly world of woes

Sometimes you have to fight

To get that which belongs to you

Or make a wrong a right. 

8. ADA VIII: Dan Aiki Heads an Army [$2.50] - Hear Dan Aiki raises 6 regiments of traditional fighters to avenge the wrong done him and is joined by Sarkin Mayu with 16 additional regiments. The lesson learned here is:

In union there is strength, they say,

In all that you assail.

Divided you shall surely fail,

United you'll prevail. 

9. ADA IX: Dan Aiki Betrayed [$2.50] - Here we are introduced to the opposing army of Amazon Women lead by Omu Merin (The lady with four breasts). The moral here is:

In this fickle world there is

Both agony and glory;

There is "yin" and there is"yang":

Two sides to every story.

10. ADA X: The Mother of All Wars [$2.50] - Here the battle of all battles is described and though Dan Aiki emerges victorious in battle, there is a surprise ending. The lesson learned here is:

At night in peace we fall asleep,

But when the dawn arises,

We must always be prepared

For the new sun's surprises.

* Note that the Books I – V of the illustrated Adventures of Dan Aiki are available from the author at $3.00 each. Volume I of the series (Books 1 – 5) and Volume II (Books 6 – 10) are $15.00 each. There is also a comic book version of Book IV at $9. The author’s present e-mail address is edpowe1@hotmail.com